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    Brand Name : Chinfield
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    • Main Contact Person : Javier Agustin Pasquale
             Product Details : FUSTEX Energetic muscle stimulant Benefits: FUSTEX must be administered two and a half (2 1/2) hours before the event to obtain maximum effectduring the above mentioned. This effect works for two and a half (2 1/2) and three(3) hours. Posology: According to the indication of the veterinary doctor. Start between 0,5 to 1 ml. and observe the behaviour.Intramuscular inyection. 1 up to 2 ML as maximum 2 hours before the event. the dosage must beaccording to horse weight and vet. criteria.Warning: DO NOT OVERDOSE. Do not use in official events. Indications: Paresis. Paresthesia. Muscle hypotoniac or atony of skeletal muscles. To stimulate muscle work. Presentation: Ampoule bottle x 5 ml. Formula: Paradifenbutirate Distilled water.

    Company Name : Ekinos
    Legal Representative/Business Owner : Javier Agustin Pasquale
    Company Address : Santiago Del Estero 2280
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    Year Established : 1984
    Number of Employees : 40 to 59 Pepole
    Industry : Agriculture
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    Fustex Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Products, Horse Supplements, Horse Accessories, Horse Tack, Horse Saddlery Fustex Veterinary Medicine

             Our organization EKINOS has been distributing Equine Veterinary Products in Argentina and in the Mercosur area for more than seventeen years. We are the Official Commercial Agents for Laboratories which manufacture pharmaceutical products for Equine Diseases. Our marketing organization covers all of the important horse breeding areas as well as the training centers and racetracks. In this way we are in constant touch with the majority of the Equine Vet Product Outlets and with the vets who are involved in the medical treatment of Horses in Argentina. Argentina is the 4th largest producer of thoroughbreds in the world (next to the US Australia and Japan) . For example in the greater Buenos Aires area alone we have some 8. 000 thoroughbreds and 3. 000 Polo Horses stabled at the three race tracks San Isidro Palermo and La Plata. EKINOS has the experience to ensure the most prompt delivery of high-quality controlled merchandise to the Customer.
    • Ekinos
    • Main Contact Person : Javier Agustin Pasquale
    • Company Phone : 54-11-48363302
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    • Company Address : Santiago Del Estero 2280
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